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NMCCC NewsLetter
We try to publish the NMCCC NEWSLETTER a week or two before each scheduled NMCCC Meeting.  Any information presented at a regular NMCCC Meeting will appear in the following NEWSLETTER.  Any fliers, entry forms, articles and event reports in the NMCCC mailbox (37324) or my e-mail in-box at least fifteen days before any scheduled NMCCC Meeting will be included in that month’s NEWSLETTER.  Telephone messages and voice-mail are accepted as well.  Changes of address (etc) will follow the same schedule.  Please keep NMCCC advised of roster changes due to elections, etc as soon as is convenient so that we may maintain the current NMCCC ROSTER of Car Clubs & Officers,  meeting times and places, and NMCCC representatives.  Representatives of member clubs should send a calendar of club events to the NMCCC MailBox  (37324) or my  e-mail in-box.  The schedules will be included in the NMCCC NEWSLETTER.  We hope for more events to report, more multi-club activities to publicise, and a coordinated calendar for the entire year.  NMCCC will try to take advantage of  the Internet more this year for timely event notices.
Joyce Clements, Secretary

 NOTE – regular electronic copies of the newsletter are available.  E-mail your address to the secretary at the address above, and any member of any Council Club will be put on the Council List-Serv for regular publications.  The minutes of the Council Meeting are usually broadcast within a week after the meeting.  The calendar is updated weekly, from member club’s newsletters, from flyers and notices, and from the secretary’s in-basket, and a new electronic calendar is broadcast at least a week before any regularly scheduled Council Meeting.

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