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Member Clubs are encouraged to make guest speakers and subjects available for NMCCC meetings.  Member Clubs in the past have even hosted NMCCC Meetings at other facilities (other than at the Old Car Garage) so that seminars and hands-on demonstrations could be presented.

Club Representatives are requested to bring alternate representatives or club members to every NMCCC meeting.  The meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month, 7:30 PM at the Old Car Garage, 3205 Claremont NE.

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 Car Council Meeting January 26, 2005

Present at the monthly meeting were: 

Dave Brown of Classic Chevy Club; Tom Miles and John Hayne of Tin Lizzies; Thomas H. Roback of Nomads, Z Car Club and SW Motorsports; Ron & Su Rymarz of Old Car Club; Joyce Clements of Old Car Club and V-8 Club; Jim Clements of Ford V-8 Club; Robert Chaney of American Truck Historical Society; Robert Gold of Corvairs of NM; Paul McLaughlin of Mustang Owners Club; Chuck & Pat Logan of Cougar Club; Don Jones of Alb. Model Car Club; Dennis Seibert, Ernie Rowlison, and Philip Dankworth of Rickshaws; Mistee Thomson of HET Club and Los Alamos Car Nuts; Tom Willers of SW Packards; Joe Cifaratta of VMCCA; Bill Lemen of Lincoln Owners' Club; Bruce Shaffer of Old Rt 66 Car Show; Jim Knight and Chris Padilla of Land of Enchantment GTO's; Jim Timmons of Pajarito T-Birds; John Doran of Rio Grande Mustangs; Bob Agnew of Classic Car Club; Ed Katzenberger of Coronado DeSoto Club; & Kenny Campbell of SW Vintage Camper Assn.


Minutes of Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by President Jim Clements

Guests:   Louie Santana

Louie Santana from Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary represented the Urban Ministry, which is sponsoring a Route 66 Car Show and other activities at John Adams Middle School on June 18, 2005.  Louie passed out flyers and entry forms for the show, sock hop, food and other activities.  It is the 50th anniversary celebration of the '55 Chevy, and a restored example will be on display.  Entry fee is $25.  Group discounts are available.  Call Louie at 288-1431 for information and entry forms.


Philip Dankworth

Philip Dankworth was introduced as a guest, representing Rickshaws Car Club.


Old Business:


All were invited to the SuperNationals at the Fairgrounds for the end of January.   Bob Agnew has a booth and offered discount tickets.   NAPA also has discount tickets.

NMCCC Procedures Manuals

John Hayne and Joyce Clements reported that they have Swap Meet and Museum Car Show manuals started.  In the future, follow the book.

NMCCC Proposals

Representatives voted on the Council Proposals as published in the January newsletter.  Proposals numbered 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7 passed as published unanimously.  Proposal numbered 4 passed as published with one dissenting vote.  Proposal numbered 5 was passed unanimously after amending the months for renewal notices from “November or December” to “January or February.”  An appropriate notice will be sent to each club or organization, and an application may also be posted on the web site.  Proposal numbered 8 was changed to read: "Newsletter will reproduce flyers only for Car Council events. Other flyers may appear in newsletter if space permits, and enough advance notice is given. Contact information must be on the flyers"; Proposal numbered 8, as amended, passed unanimously.  Proposal numbered 9 was tabled until we investigate sponsorship for a new web site;  Joyce has one possibility and will check it out.  On Proposal numbered10, JD will investigate cost of upgrading our current web site.  Proposal numbered 11 was amended to read: "Vote on important matters by roll call to determine accurate results.  Important matters will be determined by the Directors or Officers.  A roll call vote may be called by any representative in attendance at a regular meeting."  This is a standard (Roberts) rule of order.  Proposal numbered 12 was handled by agreeing to put newsletter editor on the ballot for next year's officers.  Proposal numbered 13 will be done;  Ron Rymarz will check on the cost of a rental space.  John Hayne has purchased a new shade tent, and we will sell the old one.  John Hayne will also locate and inventory all property that the Council owns.


New Business:

Museum Car Show 2005

Joyce and Jim Clements have been contacted by the Albuquerque Museum about the 2005 Car Show.  Also, Citadel Communications has expressed an interest in attending the Museum Car Show with a live broadcast.  They are negotiating this possibility with the Museum.

The Museum will handle the printing of entry blanks and information again this year; the Council will again handle mailing of flyers and entry blanks.  The Museum will also handle site security, provide the additional Old Town parking lot, provide porta-pots, and let us use the Education Lab (or some other indoor room) for our model car display.  If we wish them to continue renting the Old Town lot, we must utilize it for part of the show this year.  The Council of Car Clubs is to provide our own insurance (we already have it), windshield cards, ballots, trophies and awards, and will also be in charge of running the show.  Volunteers were requested, and Bill Lemen, Paul McLaughlin, Tom Roback, Tom Willers, JD and Ron & Su Rymarz signed up to help plan the show.  It will be held May 15 at the Albuquerque Museum in Old Town.  Mailing will be handled differently this year, so that everybody gets their forms on time.  Further details will follow as they become available.

All Car Clubs Picnic 2005

The All Car Clubs' Picnic will take on a different format this year, due to problems with dogs and meetings at the Elks' Refuge.  It should be held in August, and a drive to El Morro has been suggested.


 Swap Meet 2005

John Hayne and Jim Clements have met with the Los Lunas Officials about the fall Swap Meet. Days for the meet were set for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 23 - 25.  Set up will be September 19 - 21.  Swap Meet Director John Hayne will be recruiting volunteers from each club to help set up and run the Swap Meet.  We will be working closely with the Village of Los Lunas to cure problems from last year related to physical layout, and who is responsible for what.


Old Route 66 Events 2005

Bruce Shaffer of the Old Route 66 Car Show passed out flyers for the 2005 events.  Old Route 66 will be held June 24 - 25, and will include a Tailgate Party, Sock Hop, Cruise to Traditions, Car Show, Trophies, special GTO Trophy, and a Hot Neon Cruise through Albuquerque.  Early registration is $25. Call 821-5929 or e-mail for details.  Their web site is:


New Member Club

The Nomads Car Club applied for membership in the Council of Car Clubs.  It was moved, seconded and passed to accept their application.


I-40 Construction

Robert Chaney  (NM Dep’t of Transportation) reminded all that there will be ongoing construction on I-40 all year, and organizations should check with the Dep’t of Transportation before planning major cruises.  Call Phil Gallegos at 841-2764 or 220-4153 to avoid traffic jam trouble on your road events.


Mistee motioned for adjournment; motion seconded, and we adjourned at 8:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,  Joyce Clements, Secretary



 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2005, at 7:30 PM




Spring is almost here, and before you hit the road with your car, you should sign up for a spring checkup at Worldwide Automotive/Old Car Garage.  This annual event is sponsored by Bob and Nancy Agnew and their Employees to benefit Cuidando Los Ninos in Albuquerque.  Cuidando provides services to homeless families and their children, and 100% of the proceeds of Spring Thaw go to the charity.  Call Bob Agnew at 881-2722 and set up an appointment to have your car checked, oil changed and chassis lubed as needed.  Your car will be on a lift, and you can inspect the bottom. In the meantime, you will be able to visit with other car people, see their cars, and have breakfast and/or lunch (courtesy of the Agnews and staff of Worldwide).  They donate food, time, labor and expertise to help get your car ready for touring and offer advice on any repairs that may be needed.   In exchange, you are expected to make a generous donation to Cuidando Los Ninos.   This will be the 11th year for this great event.  Your car gets a once-over for safe driving and fresh oil and filter.  The food and drinks are always good, and the camaraderie can't be beat.  The donations to Cuidando Los Ninos are always greatly appreciated.  Join the group at the garage on April 16th to support this worthy cause, and have a wonderful time to boot.



TEARDROP TOUR - MAY 27 - 30, 2005

Bob Agnew is putting together a tour to Durango over the Memorial Day weekend.  It will start on Friday, May 27, from Bernalillo, and lunch will be served in Aztec.  Bob will be towing his teardrop trailer to serve lunch.  After lunch, we will visit an old gas and oil memorabilia collection and have a chance to photograph our cars in front of a restored service station.   Then it is on to Durango for a chuck wagon dinner and western show at the Bar D Chuck Wagon.  See details at on their website.  Saturday is the optional car show in downtown Durango, or tour on your own for the day.  Sunday will be the ride on the Silverton and Durango narrow gauge train.  Monday will be breakfast and tour back to Albuquerque via the scenic route through Navajo Lake, Dulce and Chama.  Bob will have food for lunches and breakfasts in his trailer and will need to know how many people are coming.   He is working out further details on costs for food and train rides and will be mailing information soon.  This looks like its going to be a super weekend! Call Bob at 881-2722 and get on the list for further info. Don't miss this one!


Jemez Springs celebrations

Juan Reyes, Village Clerk for Jemez Springs called to say that they are celebrating the 50th  Anniversary of the Village, and organizing different events for each month of this year.  The 4th of July celebration theme is "The 50's," and Jemez Springs is recruiting an "old timers" car club to come enter the annual 4th of July parade.  The Village is also organizing the Annual Toy Run in October.  Again, "The 50's" is the theme of the Toy Run (the toys go to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program).   Contact Juan Reyes, Jemez Springs Village Clerk phone: 505-829-3540, or email:  


Albuquerque Convention Center

Millie Martinez at ACVB (Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau) called about the Old Route 66 Car Show.  They are also looking for other events and car shows.  She will post NMCCC events on the ACVB calendar.   E-mail her at:



Other upcoming events discussed were

Chickasha Pre-War Swap Meet - March 17-19,  Chickasha, Oklahoma. Call (405)224-9090 or (405)224-2049 for space reservations and information.  Website:

Pate Swap Meet - April 28-May 1, Fort Worth, Texas.  Call Don Moore (713)649-0922 for more information.  Website:

JD passed out an agenda and list of events, and coming events were discussed.  Also a modified list of recommendations was distributed for later discussion.  The Council was complimented by Representatives for the listing of events.  Opinion was expressed that more people ought to pay attention and go to more events, such as the Balloon Fiesta Show.    Events are out there for all to attend and have fun.

 5th Annual Old Route 66 Car Show - GTO Clubs will cruise Route 66 from LA & from Chicago & meet here!   Show and Shine, tail gate party, sock hop, prizes, trophies & "Neon Cruise" down Central Ave. where we will block off downtown Albuquerque with a live band.

  Headlights on the Mother Road - Expo 66 Cars, Motorcycles &Vintage Travel Trailers welcome         



Respectfully submitted,   Joyce Clements 


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